Saturday, September 12, 2009

On time

I'm actually ahead of schedule for the editing - all the second book needs is for me to input the corrections - and it's done; the third book needs a tad of research to make sure people in Thailand don't laugh at me.

The thing is, the second book, Winter's Heart, is due for posting on Scribd by the end of September and the third book, Autumn's Fall, is slated for the end of October.

That's so I'm in a similar mindset to finish the 'trilogy in four parts' during November. Yeah, NaNoWriMo.

At the moment, I have some significant ideas on the characters involved, the where, the when, good guys, bad guys, guys just doing their jobs. I don't have a title yet, or the main man's name - I'll have to hunt up something exotic. A manly-man cannot go through life with the name 'Spring', and I can't see a suitable contraction either, so.

The woe is November is still seven weeks away an' I wanna do it now!

Seven weeks of having this story roaming around the canyons in my head, stewing in it's own juices, and other metaphors you might think of. Still, I expect by the time I put fingers to keyboard, it will all work out.

And for those thinking "Crikey! One book for Nano? It'll be massive!", no it won't be. I'll also be writing the sequel to Huntress, which, I'm absolutely chuffed to say, some people have e-mailed me about.

Once those two are done, well, who knows? Something new?


Pandababy said...

A man named 'Spring'? well, i guess like a boy named Sue, he would have to become quite manly just to defend his name:-)

Jaye Patrick said...

"How do you do? Mah name is 'Sue'!" heh, heh.

I'll think of something... I hope...

Marina said...

Can't "Spring" be his surname?

Jaye Patrick said...

Nope. His siblings are the twins, Summer and Winter, and sister Akiko (Japanese for... Autumn).

I got a theme working here, but never expected to write this fourth book - so it didn't matter at the time (Nano 2006).