Friday, March 13, 2009

Surprise deaths

The last couple of days have been relaxing after the excitement of the weekend. Sigh. I should have paid more attention, not gone the quick and easy route for meals.

Last night, I figured I'd cook something nice and opened one of the cupboards.


While away, a mouse had crawled into the cupboard... and died. So I spent some time clearing out the baking dishes and cake tins, the wok and electrical devices searching for the remains. Found 'em. I also spent some significant time washing and scrubbing and rubbing and wondering if I should just chuck the whole lot out.

Now, I have a sparkly clean and disinfected cupboard and stuff.

Once done, I noticed the dog at the back room door. It's been closed since we went away. I do that, you know: close every door, turn off as many appliances and power points as possible, close curtains, the works.

So, yeah, I opened that door, too.


I shut the door. I'll look for the remains tomorrow.

My question is why now? Why are we being invaded like this? It's not Summer and it's not Winter. Never have we had so many! They have got to go! I'm thinking one of those electronic devices to shoo them out, otherwise, my Karma is going to take a beating.

Anyway. I've posted another story on The Takeaway. Have at it.

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