Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Busy week

Woo hoo! Can my cousins party or what?

I'm back after an extended long weekend. It was good to catch up with the cuzzes, even those I haven't seen in... mumble, mumble... years! It's amazing the changes those years have wrought. Everyone was relaxed and cheerful and chatty, but worse, most have a similar sense of humour so eruptions of laughter echoed around the neighbourhood.

I managed to do some shopping in the big smoke: picked up Lynn Viehl's pink-covered Stay the Night, Rachel Caine's Undone and a classic copy of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. Do you think I had a chance to read any of them?


We went out on Friday night, had the party on Saturday night, lunch on Sunday to clear up any fabulous left overs, home baked pizza-oven pizzas on Monday night, shopping and baby sitting in between. And so... I am worn out.

I've yet to finish the final scene on two books, read what I've purchased and make notes on a book I had a scathingly brilliant idea for on the three-hour drive back to the coast.

It all has to wait until Friday when I have a day off my current obligations.

Oh, and we arrived home to find a few mouses running rampant. I am, however, relieved I didn't catch any. I had driven... maybe two hours before I remembered I'd set traps - and forgot to unset them. Can you imagine the stinkiness of bodies trapped for four days? Hmmm? In late Summer? HMMM? So. They got to party too, and defeated the traps anyway.

Tomorrow I'm off to do a Senior First Aid course. Should be interesting and worthy of some note-taking.

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