Thursday, March 12, 2009

On the way

Okay, the last scene is done on Autumn's Fall.

One more read through of all three Season books and the first gets sent out, probably next week, though I think that might be wishful thinking.

The toughest part about writing a book or two... or three, is to determine when it is good enough to go out into the wide world. Is it grown up enough, or does it still have teething problems? Maybe it's still trying to work through the up and downs of teenagerhood. Does it read well, flow, engender emotional responses?

Will it make an editor or agent sit up and pay attention? Demand more or drown in the slush pile?

I'm guessing my next job is to put together a synopsis. I have a few examples to draw from so I'm not completely in the dark. Once that's done, it's seeking out an agent...

Phew. Just had an attack of nerves. Well, I'll never-never know, if I never-never show. I've set the deadline at the 31st of March. Out it goes, it's sponged off me long enough. There. Set in stone, out in public. Damn. I'm going to write some notes on a new book, try and shake the nerves.

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