Monday, February 16, 2009

Splits and danglings

Well. That was embarrassing. Here I am, with a degree in professional writing and an advanced certificate in editing and proof reading and I still managed to screw the pooch.

Natalie, over at What Time is it Again? has a link to the University of Bristol's Improve your writing.

In particular, Natalie went for the split comma exercise. I figured, "hell, I know commas" and duly did the exercise.

Two out of ten, people. I managed to get two out of ten right. Ohh... the shame.

I'm going to have to redeem myself; maybe with dangling participles. It remind's me of a teabag ad catch phrase: "Are you a jiggler or a dangler?"

These exercises are great. Even when you think you know the answer, you might just be wrong. Go and try them out.

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