Saturday, February 07, 2009

Phew... done.

I shall not speak of the weather; I shall not speak of the heat... except to say tomorrow will be hotter.

I've finally finished the 0th draft of the Nano books - nope, the titles still remain a mystery to me.

So, the 0th draft. The draft read through before you get tough with it and man-up to do the second draft (first draft is writing the thing).

These three books have been marinating for two months and while it's true I still suck at first pages, the more I read the fewer the problems - fountain pens notwithstanding. I've got to find a solution for that, because it's an important part of the story.

The work is still in one piece, 476 single spaced pages of one piece. I now have to separate them and finish writing the third book. I left it at a cliff-hanger, damn it, and I want to know how it ends!

I'm guess that's a good thing. The 0th draft is the draft you read through making minor corrections and notes of where to change what; just like you picked the book up in a book store.

Tomorrow, I'll start finishing the piece and next week, separate and bring in the internal editor. The internal critic? Why, she's still in a box where Sven and Oleg put her and I can't hear her any more.

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