Thursday, August 13, 2009

The karma fairy

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed, or at least go anywhere.

Thursday is my go-into-town-and-shop-day. The traffic - and I should point out that I live in the country, so when I say 'traffic', I usually mean one or two cars ahead of me, maybe three during peak hour - was a bit slow; it took a little over half an hour for a normal twenty minute drive.

But, I no complain. There were plenty of parking spaces in the local town, no problem... but...

I go to my coffee shop for my tasty little bottle of coffee cordial; tiramisu flavour. It's a treat for me and I have to ration it or I'd consume way wa-ay too much of the stuff. The lady behind the counter informs me the company has decided to stop making it. This is shattering news to me. What will I have now? Sigh. I bought the last two bottles in the shop and moved on, heartbroken.

I'm sure everyone who's ever been shopping has stood in line and had people line up behind them because the person at the counter is a) rummaging around for cash, b) trying to find a credit card that works, c) wants to exchange the item they have because this one is damaged, or d) all of the above.

For me, it was c). But, I no complain; it happens. Cue second check out chick who just arrived: "If you'd like to come to this register?" And everyone behind me makes a dash.

Normally, I roll my eyes and wait patiently. As I said: it happens.

Next shop, however, b) happens. The second register opens and everyone behind me makes a dash, leaving me nonplussed. Twice? In one day?

Next shop, and it's a new one: Five check outs are open and I figure I'm safe. One of the check out machines blows a gasket. Ahead of me, the customer presents the items and says someone else is paying for them. Oh, right... but the check out chick doesn't know how to do it and the line behind me is growing. The check out lady next to me says... "If you'd all like to come to this register?"

And I am left gobsmacked. Once, well, it happens; twice I think is bad luck, but three times? Talk about being run over by the karma fairy!

I admit it, I sulked, went off and bought some books and I can say no-one got in my way during the fifteen minutes it took me to drive home.

So now, I'm going to put my feet up and read one, damn it. Surely I can't get into any trouble doing that?


Marina said...

Unless the one you pick is really bad and you end up wishing you'd chosen one of the other two!

I always manage to pick the slowest line. Whichever one I'm in will grind to a halt with price checks, trainees or whatever, while every other line sails through smoothly.

I've never been pipped at the post like that three times in a row, though. That must be some kind of record!

Pandababy said...

My favorite flavor, and in a coffee cordial? Oh cruel world, finding out it exists once it doesn't.

Jaye Patrick said...

Marina, I think I went home in self-defence, unwilling to go for a fourth time!

P., I am distraught!