Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Me Casa

I've been busily writing away this week so I have something to post on the Takeaway during Nano.

It keeps wanting to expand into more than it actually is and I can't let that happen or I'll still be writing when Nano comes around in ten days. And to use this for Nano would be cheating.

I don't think I could expand it into a book, but that's just a temporary block. I'm sure I could write it out into 100,000 words or so, but I'm not going to; I have something else in mind.

It's also been busy around the Casa this week with some simple cheesemaking happening, hypocras simmering and recipe books scanned for Christmas. Friday, I'm trying to make some semi-fredo - just to make sure it works, you understand. Christmas here can get bitchingly hot, so a cool dessert will be refreshing. There will also be wall scrubbing because we are doing some tiling in the kitchen over the weekend.

For now, I have to wrestle some characters into submission...


Bri said...

It's odd to think of Christmas being hot. I didn't know voting was mandatory in Australia...what happens if you don't vote? Do you get fined or arrested or something else? It's an interesting thought for sure, if we did that here in the US. Not sure how it would go over. Some of my best friends aren't voting (which infuriates me). I've trying to decide on what to do for nano because I want to get a bit of a jump start on where I want it to go. Good luck with the "semi-fredo!"

Jaye Patrick said...

You get fined here, unless you have a good reason - like you're overseas or incapacitated.

I can't imagine not voting - I'd probably get a bad attack of the guilts. If you don't vote, you can't complain about who gets in.

It's a bit of an oxymoron, compulsory democracy, but it works.