Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Temporary oops

It's so easy to end your WIP by accident.

In my current endeavour, I'm practising conciseness; that is, to write meaningful text, with a beginning, a middle and a cliff-hanger end but when I put it all together will amount to a novel.

They're bite-sized pieces I write on Monday, edit on Tuesday and post on Wednesday (my time), so I'm making it up as I go along. It's also good for scheduling and getting into the habit of writing at a particular time and editing at a particular time.

Marathons like the story-a-day at Forward Motion in May, or the novel writing of Nano in November serve a purpose, but a writer has to sit down and write more than two months of the year.

Being an organic writer, it's tough to write to a schedule, to write on demand rather than 'when I feel like it'. All writers - published or not - go through it; that rebellion, the bottom lip quiver and mental hissy fit because the shopping centre is calling, or the latest, riveting television series is out on DVD, the kids are sick, housework needs doing, or a thousand other reasons why writing is not the sugary lure it was yesterday.

Me, I look outside to the perfect autumnal day and want to go walk on the beach, or go massacre (read: prune) something in the garden, read the book I've been waiting months for or surf sites dealing with my trip in three weeks.

And with that mindset, I wrote a temporary ending to Bounty Hunter, did a left turn where a character did nothing to stop being shanghaied - totally wrong, totally unlike them and totally too soon.

Sure, I might have difficulty with the continuations in May, but I just have to arrange that, work around the problems and stay true to the story while I stay on track.

Obviously an impending trip to other countries is a distraction, but that's no excuse... okay, it is... but the important thing is to maintain continuity. I'm going to try at least.

The next instalment is up at The Takeaway. Now I'll have to give some thought as to where next, and what now and is it all as bad as it seems...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just read your comments on Zimbabwe. South Africa is pretty much on the same route. I enjoy reading your blog.
Marian in South Africa

Jaye Patrick said...

Thank you, Marian and welcome.

Like many around the world, I'm dismayed by Mugabe's rhetoric and attempt to hold onto power.

It's as if as long as he's in power, his destruction of the country hasn't happened; and if anyone should criticize, well, it's Britain's fault, not his.

I fully expect the original votes to be replaced by fakes to assure his power, and for the remaining white farms to be confiscated.

If there isn't a rebellion to make Mugabe give up power, then the population is doomed.