Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mr Squishy

I thought I could fit everything into two bags: one 80Ltr backpack and 'school' backpack. Nup. I had to add another day pack stuffed with... well, stuff.

Half of the big pack is filled with pressos for the rellos; guest gifts, confirmation gifts and birthday gifts. But, I'm not complaining. Once they're offloaded, I'll have that much more space for buying stuff to bring back.

All up, the luggage weighs in at 30 kilos. I'm rather pleased about that. When I came back from a year in England, the luggage I carried down the street from the Youth Hostel, onto the bus and into the airport terminal was a massive 70 kilos!

If you asked me what weighed so much, I couldn't tell you. Of course, I'm older now and while I can still carry that much weight, I'm wise enough not to. Thirty kilos is fine, thank you.

So, everything is squished in. Sadly, I had to dump the two Kylie Chans I wanted to read; not for weight, but space. The books are just too damned big. Which kind of begs the question: how am I going to fit the books in I intend to buy at the Galaxy in Sydney? F'Ino, is my answer. There is the possibility - though I don't want to entertain it - that I'll have to forgo the Galaxy until I return.

The two books I am taking are: Jennifer Rardin's Biting the Bullet and Lilith Saintcrow's The Devil's Right Hand. I'm hoping the in-flight movies will be good, because I don't see these two books lasting the 25 hours it's gonna take to get to Copenhagen.

So. I didn't have time to write after all, but I'm planning on blogging while I'm away. I'll probably write a travelogue with photos when I return.

Wish me luck.

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