Thursday, April 24, 2008


Eye: Black
Temper: Simmering
Anxiety: Rising
Sleeps: Seven!

Given that upgrading the laptop to wireless broadband is an expense I'm not willing to indulge in, I'll be relying on Internet Cafes during my travels. This, of course, means limited posts and I have no idea if they allow uploads. If they don't, no more stories for a month; if they do, I'll be posting other stories, I think, since they're already written.

I'm also feeling like I'm in mourning at missing the Forward Motion story-a-day marathon. May and November are my big months for writing-under-pressure and I love doing them. Since I can't do May, I've decided to do the marathon in June. I want those short stories.

I also keep wondering whether I have everything. Lists are no good if you've left something... important... off. I'm sure the anxiety levels will drop off, oh, somewhere over Indonesia...

Anyway, I've finally post the next episode of Bounty Hunter over at the Takeaway. I'll try to post one more before I leave, but if I can't... I'll post a short story when I get to Copenhagen. I'm sure D. will loan me his computer.

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chanpheng said...

I just remembered about SAD - have been very busy with work. So when I signed on to FM, and didn't see your name, I was worried! Glad to see that you're traveling. Surely some of the generator prompts + travel stories = interesting short stories!

Anyway, just have fun!