Tuesday, March 18, 2008

HMAS Sydney

Yesterday, the Prime Minister and the Finding Sydney Foundation announced the final resting place of the HMAS Sydney had been found twelve nautical miles from the wreck of the German raider Kormoran.

The location of the German ship caused a stir of excitement around the country and the hope that the Sydney would be located soon. Now, the speculation is the two ships were discovered shortly after one another.

Why the delay in announcing HMAS Sydney's location when it is clearly the more valuable to Australians? Apparently, they wanted to make absolutely sure it was the right ship.

I wonder, though, if it wasn't more important to keep quiet until HMAS Sydney was found then announce its discovery first, then Kormoran.

For me, I'll be interested in seeing the photographs due to be taken this week of the ship. There's been 66 years of controversy as to the damage both ships took before sinking.

Of the 646 crew of the Sydney, only two shipmates were ever found: one body washed up on Christmas Island, and the other, Eric Button, was ill with the mumps and couldn't sail. Of the ship itself, a life raft and life jacket were found and they are in the Australian War Memorial.

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