Monday, October 18, 2010


Finally. The computer edits are in. All I need do now is create a cover and do a final read through. Then it will be posted.

The pre-note taking is progressing on the the first Nano novel... they're currently scattered about the house, depending on what I'm doing at the time inspiration strikes. I'll have to collect them, orga...n...ise... I'm beginning to sound like a plotter.

Fortunately, the notes are of different sections of the book, candy scenes. I get to connect them during the maniacal writing sessions.

Next up, the database. This contains the word count for each day, a rolling total, page counts, averages, current word count to target word count - and, occasionally, the word counts of challengers. Why? Probably because I need to get away from the lateral thinking to the logical.

During Nano, I will sometimes bang into a plot hole. Thinking about how to get out of it immediately may not work, but changing focus to something entirely different can allow the subconscious get on with working out the problem while the conscious mind is focused on another task. If that doesn't work, a long walk is needed.

So, once I've posted Huntress: Unbreakable and set up the database, I'm free to continue note-making and indulge in a few books or DVDs. I didn't actually plan on having a week off, but I'm sure I'll think of something to do while waiting for November 1.

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