Thursday, May 06, 2010

Strike Two!

Another strike out in the attempt to see Iron Man 2. Same problem as Tuesday - no one but me. Still, I understand most people prefer to see movies - can you believe it? - at night! Or - hah - on the weekends! Who'd a thought? I'll try again on Sunday; that's part of the weekend, isn't it? See if it's true.

Hopefully, I won't strike out a third time; there are some films you just have to see on the big screen.

The marathon is scooting along, but the short stories are in a restricted forum - apparently, some publishers get bent out of shape if a story has first been posted on a forum before submission. I guess it's to do with publishing rights and what that means.

The Seventh Sanctum has provided some really 'out there' prompts, but this is an excellent exercise in imagination dexterity. Win, pass or fail, the stories are on the page - and you can't edit what you haven't written.

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