Monday, April 05, 2010

Ginger rules

Uh, huh. Felled by food poisoning. Not so bad... now; a good dose of ginger marmalade on an English muffin and I'm near cured. It's the ginger, a natural nausea suppressant that dates back hundreds of years. For some, it's used to treat seasickness and in Asia, the common cold by making a tea. Should I contract a cold this winter, I'm giving it a try. I hate being sick - it's unproductive and makes me snarky.

Australia also went off Daylight Savings Time this weekend. Which means I'm up before sunrise and earlier than I want. I just can't sleep in that 'extra' hour. It takes as long to get used to standard time as it did getting used to DST back in... whenever (I swear they keep changing the dates just to piss people off). It used to be from the end of October to the end of February - now it's the beginning of October to to the end of March. Who makes the decision to muck around with time anyway? Time is time; it's relative, it flies, it's now.

It's time I got some work done...

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