Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eye, eye

I've been short-sighted for years - oh, yeah, chuckle, chuckle, like I haven't heard that comment before - since High School, in fact.

Anee-way, I duly took myself off to the opto-guy for a check up. Turns out my long vision is unchanged, but... OMG! I need reading glasses!

Well. Roll me in the mud and call me... dirty. Reading glasses.

I don't mind wearing glasses, they've protected me from potential eye injuries on a number of occasions, but now I'm getting a second pair for that close up reading stuff.

I'm also taking the opportunity to get some fashionable ones, half the size of my usual pair so I can look over them. My standard pair have been perched on my nose for, oh, twenty odd years (and odd they've been). I'll not be changing them, they're flexible, cost a bucket and still function - I'm not one for too much of a change, nor am I fashion conscious (a fact numerous members of my family will attest to).

Now I'll be able to read the fine print.

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