Monday, August 19, 2013


I'm not much for drawing. In fact, I'm pretty hopeless at it.

Fortunately, some bright spark went and invented the computer. From there, more bright sparks developed software to make things much easier to perform tasks. Originally designed to solve mathematical equations, computers can now do a wide variety of tasks, only limited by imagination.

Equally as fortunate, writing still remains the same; it's just the method that's changed. Like most people, I learnt to write with crayon, then pencil, pen, typewriter and now I use a laptop. I, too, am limited by imagination. It's a good thing I've been blessed with a rather active imagination, otherwise, I'd be doing something completely different.

I think everyone has an artistic side - it just appears in different forms: painting, sculpting, problem solving, speaking, poetry, sport, advertising campaigns... it all takes imagination.

Which brings me to drawing.

I'm trying to think of what type of cover to develop for the next book, Huntress: Besieged. Not draw, but haul in some freebie pictures from the internet and marry them up for some sort of coherent, clue-ridden cover art.

The plan is to post the book by the end of August. September will see me in New Zealand on a Lord of the Rings tour (yeah, go on, hate me, I don't mind) with a couple of sisters. Should be fun.
Found this. Nice to know a woman did it first:

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Marina said...

Ha! very cute.

As for covers -- difficult question, I know. Have you looked on They have some art as well as photos. Good luck with it!