Saturday, January 02, 2010

The World

The last time I saw a ship this large in the Bay was the Royal Australian Navy's flagship, HMAS Melbourne - which was an aircraft carrier.

The World stopped off along the coast on its way to Sydney for New Year's Eve, and if you look really closely, or squint, you might even see Matt Damon; yes, that Matt Damon - or someone who apparently is the dead spit of the American actor. Shop owners in Bateman's Bay, further down the coast, aren't entirely sure because we rarely get international megastars, or if we do, the locals have doubts. I mean, really? A movie star? Here?

We just don't get stars here. Elsewhere has much more to offer the discerning traveller. This virtually assures well-known faces of anonymity. Okay, we have an internationally renowned marine park, a national park, white sand beaches, blue waters, not much population, various water sports, spectacular views, museums... um, right, we do have attractions, but don't tell anyone; privacy is also one of our attractions.

I'd be interested to know of any star sightings in our own little part of the world. People here will probably have the same attitude as down south in the fish and chippery:

"Hey, anyone tell you, you look like Matt Damon?"

Enigmatic smile.

"You must get told that a lot. You want salt on those chips?"

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