Saturday, January 30, 2010


Nah, no work today. It's raining, a day for lazing on the couch and watching DVDs.

So: Terminator Salvation - DVD has an impurity, so I watched maybe half and it froze. No amount of cleaning or change of player would get it going again.

Four Brothers, with Mark Wahlberg. Not bad, but why do script writers have to televise who's going to die? I mean Star Trek has the red shirts, war movies have 'I'm short', or 'let me show you a picture of my girlfriend'?

The Italian Job, I love this movie, so slick and polished and so damned clever. It made me think about other scenarios I could use in writing.

Ice Age 3: Age of the Dinosaurs, What's not to like about animated comedies for kids? I'm gonna get me a copy.

A day off from outside influences, or from my own work is great and I'm trying not to feel guilty. I have the manuscript separated into chapters next me, I probably should have put it somewhere else; but it's ready for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I think I'll watch Appleseed - the CGI version. I need some more wallow time.

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