Sunday, November 22, 2009


I'm looking at my rewards for finishing Nano. I'm done with the 50k, but it's a month of writing for me. But there's the TBR pile, singing like a siren.

I've done enough, just... open the first page of Holly Lisle's Talyn. Limit yourself to the first chapter of J.D. Robb's Kindred in Death. A short story in David Weber's Worlds of Weber won't take long. Matthew Reilly's Hell Island is only 120 pages. You know, Vicki Pettersson's The Touch of Twilight looks good, and it's the third in the series, just give yourself a taste...

Then there's the one tera-byte external hard drive, sitting in it's box, sitting there, waiting, like an early Christmas present... you know you need to backup the laptop and desktop computers, be a shame to lose all your hard work.

And the DVDs... come on, the first book you wrote was set in Brazil and you've got that new Discovery Channel program on just that area. Look at it as research...

All good reasons to stop. Right now. Exit Word and Excel, disconnect from the 'net and shut down the computer. Lie on the couch and just... relax.

It's a struggle, writing ever single day for thirty days, and even at this stage, there's plenty of time for people to finish the 50k.

But I won't be stopping, not yet, because I want to see how this book ends; today, I'll finish the third book and get on with the one I left dangling because I could not change genres at that time.

Sigh why do we do this Nano thing again?


Marina said...

I don't know how you can be so strong as to keep on going when you've already finished two books! I'd be so tempted just to call it a day after the first one.

You've inspired me -- I'm thinking I might buy myself a new charm for my charm bracelet in honour of finishing Nano this year. Any excuse will do!

Jaye Patrick said...

I don't know either... but I suspect it was the way I was brought up.

You know, if you've finished one project and have the time, start another. And my Dad was real competitive. I think he passed that gene on to me.

And you deserve a reward, too. All that writing and having the kidlets join in, too. That is inspiring.