Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bon Voy-a-gee 2008

This has been an up and down kind of a year... and, gee, isn't that always the way?

On this day, people reflect on the year almost done. Some will sigh over it. Actually, most will sigh over it - the good, the bad and the downright appalling. But I'm not going to do that. Tomorrow, we start afresh and look to the future. Not necessarily have a strategic plan because something will come along to stuff it up, but goals to achieve.

The most important goal, for me, is failure. Yeah, you heard me right failure, or more precisely, the lessons learned from failing. Once upon a time, it was a crushing blow, a rejection of time and effort and of me, personally. After my first rejection slip, I didn't write for more than a year. I only returned to writing when I couldn't not write.

I don't think failing is something that needs a lot of hand wringing and regret any more, but it does require thought on what can be learned.

Rejection for publication can be a good thing if you look carefully at why the piece was rejected and improve it, or seek an alternative outlet.

So, for the year coming up, I'm spending more time editing and more time sending stuff out. As for the rest, well, whatever comes my way, comes my way and I'll deal with it then. No more worrying about the might-have-beens and the things I cannot change.

It's not a so-called resolution, merely an attitude adjustment.

What thoughts do you have on the coming year?


Marina said...

"Must write more. Must be more organised." Oh, yes, and "Must remember to have more fun!"

Happy New Year! I hope it's a good one for you.

Pandababy said...

Our motto, for the New Year and always, is "Just Keep Going". (There is a story behind that, which I need to find and post for 2009.)

But for now, Jaye, may you always be able to 'just keep going', and may there be many happy surprises along the way for you.

Jaye Patrick said...

And may this year be one where dreams come true - with a little hard work...