Sunday, October 27, 2013

Countdown to Nano

I thought I'd ease back into work - but it Murphy's Law stepped in and it's been a bun fight. Long hours to catch up on the work that should have been done while I was on leave, but wasn't.

Anyway, insert a whinge, a whine and a suitably grumpy tirade. All done? Then let's move on.

Friday sees the start of Nano, the National Novel Writing Month, an annual writing frenzy that the editors in all the publishing houses fear.

I have a title (Monarch, Tyrant, Slave), an as yet unnamed lead character and a scene and a half. Yeah, okay, I have three groups of people with competing ambitions and the question of how choice clashes with duty. After that, who knows what will happen?

It should be a fun ride finding out.

I suspect there will be thousands of people setting fingers to keyboard on midnight 31st October, anxious to get started; I shall not be one of them since I have to work on Friday (see above whinging) but I will be throwing heavy-duty word counts around. Well, I'm gonna join thousands of others in trying!

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Marina said...

Well, you're ahead of me. I got nuttin but a great big hole full of panic where a plot idea should be. This is the most unprepared I've ever been. Eek!