Monday, February 06, 2012

Not so Patriotic

Sigh. I was so hoping the New England Patriots would stop fooling around and win the Super Bowl. Apparently not.

I feel for Wes Welker missing that catch, but... the Patriots had plenty of opportunities. One missed play by one player does not a loss make. It's a team sport. And I will admit - grudgingly - that the Giants worked hard for the win. (Scuffs foot.)

Okay. I really don't like the New York Giants; they keep knocking my Cowboys around.

In the end, it was the last football game for a while and I'm going to miss it. September is a long way off.

Still, I have the cricket and the rugby union isn't far off; but cricket will soon end.

Guess I'll be off to write for the Winter; and I'm all for that.

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