Saturday, January 07, 2012

Bran Nu Yeer

I think I've finally got everything sorted in the new abode, and the internet connection seems to have settled down to a more than irregular service - although I'm guessing that is subject to change with whatever conditions causes the wi-fi to drop out! And I can say it's pretty annoying when trying to post something or check the e-mail.

The new job is going well, too, but it can be tiring focusing on Defence matters all day, even if some of it is historical research. Not that I can say anymore than that (shhh, it's a secret!) And because it's a restricted area, I can no longer access all the websites I like to visit. That all has to wait until I'm home.

Already, I miss the cool sea breezes that blew in the afternoons. I'd forgotten that Canberra can be nastily hot and dry, with no breeze to speak of until well after sunset. Of course, Canberra also becomes bitterly cold in Winter, so we get to see the changes of the seasons in a more dynamic way.

We now have air-conditioning, but for a while there... I suspect the place doesn't have insulation, which is going to make winter interesting.

We're also waiting patiently for the cable service to be connected. The free-to-air viewing... sucks. It's awful, which gives me plenty of time to rummage around in the files for stuff to edit, yes, and there are books to read.

Last year was... difficult, with the parent's illness and everything surrounding her care. I didn't read or write nearly as much as I would have liked. Still, change happens and you can either accept it or accept it. There's no point in ignoring it or railing against it.

I think this year will be a much different adventure; I will have to find a new balance between paid work and writing. I know what I want, but achieving it will take determination so it's a good thing I love what I do.

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