Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey was the first fantasy author I read. I fell in love with the Dragons of Pern and had to have the entire series no matter what.

The Crystal Singer was also one of my fav reads. I've read her work repeatedly over the years, and I found inspiration within those pages.

Anne, along with the late Andre Norton, sparked my imganiation to write on my own stories. I've never written of dragons, nor of telepaths or sentient ships. I chose my own worlds to build, but it is thanks to Anne that I first felt the urge.

Ms McCaffrey was a great exponent of paying it forward, guiding careers and co-authoring with Elizabeth Moon, Mercedes Lackey and Jody Lynn Nye to name three.

I always thought she should have been made a Grand Master of the genre years ago rather than in 2005 - but that's just me.

Today, an astonishing talent has passed and leaves the world poorer. But her body of work will live on.

As my Nano reward, I'm going to re-read her collection and appreciate her art all over again.


Anonymous said...

Having just read all your Huntress Series, i followed the links to your blog, to find out if possible when your next one is due, however, i came across this entry in your blog, and felt a need to comment:

Anne McCaffrey has passed and i didn't know until just now, i also have every single book she ever wrote, alone and in collaboration. To me also she was an inspiration, her books at times a flight of escape from situation's that were difficult and troubling. She immersed her readers in a world that some of us yearned for, including all it's hardships!

To you Jaye, i must say that i have enjoyed your books, though i do think someone should proof read them more, technology does correct spelling but not sentances that are not arrranged correctly. Having said that, i have read four of your books, back to back in three day's with pleasure and as all good writers do, you have left me wanting to know what happens to Cambria next :-). Good luck with your future writing

Knot_obsessed x

Jaye Patrick said...

Thank you, Knot, and I agree: they do need work.

Just for you: I've just completed the last of the Huntress series - book 7 - via Nano and plan to post the rest sometime next year.