Monday, May 16, 2011

Stop, go

Well, that little experiment failed utterly.

I figured I'd reduce my time on the internet and limit my book readin' in an effort to boost my concentration on writing and editing and creative stuff.

What I found was that staying off the 'net gave me more time to write, but reducing my novel reading also reduced my creativity. Worse, I began to have editing issues, wondering whether something was right, when I knew it was.

I have found that, if I watch a movie, the imagination sparks; if I watch the news or documentaries, or sport, empty-headed blandness is the result.

All I need do is read what I've written for the story-a-day marathon to see the best stories have been written after watching something fun.

I have felt vaguely lost and out of sorts, as if something was missing. Now, I know what it was: the imagination of others.

So, while I'm writing these stories, I'm also working on my historical piece for the museum, a book I promised a beta reader some time ago, and, in my spare time, I'm going to find something to post - it's been too long and I need the adulation of my fan... If I still have one.


Marina said...

Fan showing up to provide adulation ...

I read through a couple of your story-a-day efforts yesterday. Particularly liked the one with the wolf-like baby creature -- just wish it had gone on longer. I wanted to know more! I don't know how you can come up with a story in such a short time -- and keep on doing it. No wonder your creative muscles are feeling tired.

It's funny, I posted about the same thing the other day: when I have lots of time to write, I feel blah and struggle. It's only when I'm busy and feeling energised that it seems to flow.

Jaye Patrick said...

The generators help, and then I wait for inspiration.

But... Winter is here (boy, is it here!, and I do a lot of writing at this time of year. Hopefully, the coolth will inspire me further.