Friday, March 11, 2011

Upside down home styling

The parent is home and adjusting to her new environment; and I'm adjusting to the new configuration of the house. I still have things to put away, but the parent's comfort comes first.

Living in a two storey house never seemed a problem before, but now... it is fraught with issues, a lot of them to do with safety. It's not going to change, no matter how much I'd like to move to a single storey house.

My mother grew up in a two storey house and for years, we lived in a single. On my Dad's retirement, she was determined to live as she'd grown up - with damned stairs. For me, it's reversed. I like everything on one level.

It's been a massive adjustment all around, but with the help of family, we've created a fabulous space for her - she calls it her 'flat' (she's English and proud of it).

Now comes the hard part: stopping her from falling back into bad habits...

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