Sunday, February 28, 2010

Elemental Elements

I went another round with the weather tonight, and I must ask: why does this happen when I'm feeling, well, second hand?

We've played host to family for the last few days, so it's been late nights and... way too much of the vino.

I didn't wake up with a hangover (yay!), but the tiredness of a very late night lingered. Figured an early night would do me, but that was before the mightiest thunderstorm evah.

How mighty? The noise of wind and rain overwhelmed the sound of thunder - and the falling branch into the front yard. Within ten minutes, the water level out the back rose three inches to lap at the back door.

Tiredness fled under the "Oh, shit!" moment. On with the gumboots and out into the water, icy rain, howling gale and bright strobes of lightning. I'm becoming very handy with the yard broom, sweeping the water around the side of the house and down the driveway for the next half hour.

The street drains were simply overwhelmed by the volume of water; the lone car (a 4WD) crept along the street because it couldn't see far enough through the sheets of rain and falling debris from the trees. Storms arrive fast and ferocious here, but are over relatively quickly.

For the second time this month, we've water damage in the back room, and with this storm, damage from water coming in under the front door.

Tomorrow, I'm putting in some remediation pipes. I'm over the neighbour's excess rainwater gushing into the backyard. Sure, according to my weather records February is the wettest month of the year and we probably won't get such a downfall again until this time next year, but climate changes and I'm not entirely confident in the Bureau of Meteorology: they cancelled the severe thunderstorm warning at 5.30 this afternoon - this torrent came two hours later.

What a way to end the Summer...

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roy said...

Hi Jaye,

My wife is trying to contact you ref commenst on your blogg re Northern Ireland. It looks like you could be a distant relative! I tried to get your details via facebook.

My wife is Hazel and her e-mail address is

If you want to learn more about the Armstrong family please contact her.